• Bonnie Vierthaler is an artist, educator and mother.
    She has a Master of Fine Arts Degree and a BS in Art Education.
  • Bonnie Vierthaler 是一位艺术家,教育家和母亲。她有美术硕士学位和艺术教育学士学位。
  • Her work has been seen on national television, billboards, and featured in newspapers and magazines from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine .
  • 她的作品曾亮相于国家电视台和广告牌上,而且刊登于各州的报刊杂志上。
  • Her art hangs on the wall in all fifty states, and in such far away places as China , England , France , Sweden , Russia , Brazil , India , South Korea and Bangladesh .
  • 她的作品不仅遍及美国 50 个州,甚至传到了中国,英国,法国,瑞典,俄国,巴西,印度,韩国和孟加拉国。
  • Her work has been featured in The American Medical New s, the Encyclopedia Britannica Medical Update , and more.
  • 她的作品被刊登于〈美国医学报〉, 和〈百科全书 Britannica 最新医学〉等等。
  • She's listed in Who's Who in American Art , and has been honored with The Giraffe Award , presented to people who stick their necks out in the public interest.
  • 她被列入美国艺术名人榜,曾被授予“长颈鹿奖” --- 这一奖项专为致力于公益事业者所设。
  • Her BADvertising website has won numerous awards and is often listed first in Tobacco Advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL.
  • 她的 BADvertising 网站已经荣获无数奖项,而且在 Google, Yahoo, MSN, 和 AOL 上搜索香烟广告时它总是列于首位。
  • Her BADvertising programs at the 10th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Beijing , China were enthusiastically received and prompted her current work in China .
  • 她在第 10 届“烟草或健康世界论坛”上的 BADvertising 活动受到了热烈的欢迎,这也激励了她在中国的工作。
  • She's currently living, teaching and BADvertising in China .
  • 她目前在中国居住,执教并致力于反对烟草的工作。
  • She's a former smoker.
  • 她曾经也吸过烟。
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