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Bonnie Vierthaler, MFA, is an internationally recognized artist, educator and activist.


In 1986 she began doctoring-up tobacco ads to make them honest. Using her art to immunize young people against deceptive advertising, she created The Joy of Smoking...A Spoof on Cigarette Advertising , a traveling exhibition of 63 of her honest ads.

1986 年起开始了健康型烟草广告的设计制作, 她采用艺术手法来帮助青年人摆脱有欺诈性的广告的诱惑。将以“吸烟的乐趣” “香烟广告的把戏”等等为主题的 63 份可信度极强的广告进行巡回展出。

She took the exhibit to schools, hospitals, libraries, parks, shopping malls--even the Rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington DC at the invitation of then Senator William S. Cohen.

她带到学校、医院、图书馆、公园、购物商场,甚至应参议员威廉· S ·可翰的邀 请,把它们带到华盛顿特区参议院的圆形办公大楼里展出。

To make her work more broadly available, she reproduced and distributed the images as a slide show and posters. She called the resulting business The BADvertising Institute , as a spoof on the Tobacco Institute. Her BADvertising images have also been seen on billboards, bus cards, and TV Specials as well as in videos, national magazines and professional journals.


Since 1995, The BADvertising Institute's award-winning web site has been impacting young people and long-time tobacco addicts alike.

1995 年以来,“反广告”组织的获奖网站在影响着青年人的同时,也影响着长期 着长期吸烟的瘾君子们。

Hundreds of “thank you” s have credited Vierthaler's images with turning kids off to tobacco, motivating smokers to kick their habit, and reinforcing the desire to quit…

百封感谢信向她纷纷投去,人们感谢她帮助孩子摆脱香烟的引诱,鼓励吸烟者 戒烟,并坚定他们戒烟的信念。

”You saved my life!”


The BADvertising Web Site, recognized for its leadership in quality and content, is widely referenced by students and professionals. A catalog of BADvertising products and services can be found on the site.

“反广告”网站因其在质量上和内容上所处的领先地位,已为很多学生和专业人 士所了解,人们可在网上看到“反广告”的系列成果和服务。


Vierthaler's BADvertising Train the Trainer Seminars are teaching prevention specialists how to fight fire with fire. By employing the same right-brain techniques that advertisers use, educators are learning to kindle positive desires and behaviors.

在她的“反广告”培训研讨会上,伯尼与预防专家共同分享了她的“以牙还牙” 策略。教育家们通过运用广告人所使用的“右脑”技术。来燃起人们戒烟的强烈愿望,正确引导他们的行为。

In her BADvertising Workshops she works directly with young people; the BADvertising Slide Presentations generate community support. More than 20 BADvertising programs have been contracted by NJ ASSIST in the past two years.

在“反广告”工作室中,她和年轻人们进行直接地交流;“反广告“幻灯片展得到 社区的支持。在过去的两年中,有 20 多个活动项目都与“新泽西援助“社区签定协议。

Her new Consulting Service assists prevention programs. Vierthaler has a Master of Fine Arts Degree, and a BS in Art Education . Sh given to people who stick their necks out in the public interest.

她设立的咨询服务同时也帮助了“预防计划“。 伯尼获得了艺术教育学士学位,及美术硕士学位。

她的名字被列入“美国艺术”的“名人录”中,她还荣获长颈鹿奖——一项给为 公众利益而奋斗的人们所设的奖项。

At the World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Beijing (1997), BADvertising was enthusiastically received as a refreshing and much-needed right-brain approach to the obacco problem worldwide.

97 年在北京召开的世界烟草与健康会议中,反广告运动以其耳目一新且极其实用的“右脑“方式针对世界烟草问题,博得了人们极大的欢迎。
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