BADvertising in China

BADvertising 在中国


Here in China , The BADvertising Institute consists of a loosely knit, enthusiastic group of volunteer web designers, Photoshop experts, translators, computer technicians, and friends...and combinations thereof, mostly in Xiamen .

BADvertising 研究会是一个自由自在的组织群体,由一批热情青年志愿者组成,他们中有网页设计师, Photoshop 专家,翻译人员,计算机高手和其他方面朋友,大多数在厦门。

Because my Chinese still isn't good enough to communicate effectively about computer matters and the content of our website, constructing often has to be done” by committee”.


It's difficult to find people who are both skilled in computer technology and conversant in English, so it often involves, me, trying to express my ideas, the computer person, and a translator. We've had many humorous misunderstandings and we're having a lot of fun in the process, but it's slooooow….

很难找到英语口语和计算机都很很好的人士,因此我在表达自己的思想时,往往需要计算机人员和翻译人员的配合。为此,我们曾经闹了很多笑话,但也很开心,毕竟,我的网站已经上网了 。
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