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Resume of BADvertising Events in China

BADvertising Slide Shows

10th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Beijing, September 1997

The Artists’ Storehouse, Beijing, October 1999

University of Geology and Mineralogy, Student’s League, Beijing, October 1999

Xiamen University--

  • Economics Department, November 2000l
  • Foreign Languages Society, March 2001
  • Foreign Languages Society, December 2001
  • Economics Department, May 2002

Fujian College of Art and Design, Gulangyu, Xiamen, October 2001

Xiamen #2 Middle School, Gulangyu, Xiamen, May, October
and November 2004

The BADvertising Tobacco Awareness Projects

  • Bookmarks—published a series of promotional bookmarks in English bearing six different BADvertising images and quotes from Bonnie Vierthaler, Fall 2000
  • Flyers—posted a series of consciousness-raising messages in the dormitories for World No Tobacco Day, Xiamen University, May 2001
  • Poster Series for changing old beliefs and behaviors-- San Jia Cun Student Center, Xiamen University, December 2001
  • Surveys

* Perceptions about Others’ Smoking Habits and Beliefs in China, Xiamen University, December 2000

* Personal Attitudes and Feelings about Smoking—
World No Tobacco Day, Xiamen University, May 2001

  • Letter Writing Campaign--to encourage a loved one to quit
    World No-Tobacco Day, Xiamen University, May 2002

Radio Interviews

  • Xiamen University Radio Station- ½ hour interviews about the tobacco issues & BADvertising, May 2001 & May 2002

Television Appearances

  • Fujian Dong Nan TV- English News Feature, Interviews of Bonnie Vierthaler and Xiamen University students about BADvertising, November 2001 & May 2002
  • Xiamen TV 3- feature on smoking and the work of Bonnie Vierthaler & The BADvertising Institute, January 1 & 2, 2005
  • Fujian Dong Nan TV- Series on Foreigners in Fujian and their contributions, featuring Bonnie Vierthaler and her BADvertising work, February 15, 2005

Newspaper Articles

  • Xiamen Evening News--article about Bonnie Vierthaler and the coming BADvertising website, November 2004.

  • Taiwan Straits newspaper--article about Bonnie Vierthaler and BADvertising, April 16, 2005.
  • Common Talk Weekly--article about Bonnie Vierthaler and BADvertising, May, 2005



Resume-US | Resume-China
What's the BADvertising Institute
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